Welcome to the John B. Dey Elementary PTA Volunteer Website. Volunteers are part of why JBD is the fantastic school it is! On this website, you'll find current volunteer opportunities. Choose the event(s) where you want to volunteer. Register (to the left) to receive notifications about volunteer opportunities, school events, and ways to get involved at John B. Dey.    
Click on the VOLUNTEER tab at the top to see the current volunteer opportunities available.  Watch for emails promoting the opportunities that are available.
Guidelines for Volunteers:  Please take a moment to review the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Guidelines for School Volunteers.
Tracking Volunteer Hours: When you sign up for a volunteer opportunity on this site, your volunteer hours will be automatically counted. If you do additional volunteer work for JBD, please use the Reporting Hours tab to submit those hours as well. Click here for information about what can be counted toward volunteer hours.
Volunteer Application: If you're a new volunteer or have never submitted a volunteer application, please access the application here. You can complete the form online and then email it to jbd.vie.web@gmail.com or drop it off in the JBD office. If you're 55 or older, see below.
Golden Circle Volunteers: Volunteers 55 or over may submit this application instead of the above application and be eligible for perks for volunteering 40 hours during one school year. See application for more details. Please send it to the email address or mailing address on the form.